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Pharmacy Prep is the most experienced and most respected source in pharmacy education for exam reviews for last 13 years, pharmacy Prep is proud to carry proven success rate and the highest number of students enrolled each year.

In our teaching strategies, we utilize lecture-discussion, small group discussion, demonstrations, audiovisuals, case studies, written projects, role play, gaming techniques, study guides, selected reading assignments, computer assisted instruction (CAI), and interactive video discs (IVD).

Our preparation classes and books are not intended as substitute for the advice of NABPLEX ®. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided herein is not directly or indirectly obtained from PEBC ® previous exams or copyright material. Pharmacy Prep does NOT solicit Q&A from previous exams. These references are not intended to serve as content of exam nor should it be assumed that they are the source of previous examination questions.

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